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We are based in Cuauhetomoc, Mexico which is about 50 miles (82 km) west of Chihuahua, Mexico.


1-915-637-2519 (U.S.)
011-52-625-58-16622 (Mex)
011-52-625-59-43677 (Mex)

Postal address
P.O. Box 221617
El Paso, TX 79913


Please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to hear from you.
CITA Mexico II team gets mail at their U.S. address in El Paso, Texas. We travel to El Paso to get our mail every 2 - 3 weeks or so. We have access to our Email on a nearly daily basis, but on occasion it may be several days before we retrieve it.

Every Christian has a mission field.
Can you see that too many believers minimize the importance of missions? Many ignore the call "Go ye into all the world..." Missions work may seem like a nobel cause meant for someone else, but that's not true. Ordinary folks, who love the Lord to the point of obedience are willing to "Go". But for those whose time to "Go" is not here yet, you can take a first step and become a part of the missions effort to evangelize the world. You can help us through prayer and provision, the rest is in God's hands. Pray about it.

Me... a missionary! How?
If you don't join us physically, though, we ask you to determine if the Lord asking you to join us by supporting us both spiritually (through prayer) and physically (through physical help or finances)? We know God wants us here. Now we are looking for those the Lord has asked to help us. God is faithful. We must be obedient.


Begun in 1973, Christ Is The Answer grew out of the Jesus People movement and began to preach to a lost and dying world that God does love us and desires us to have a relationship with him.

Many people over the years found Jesus Christ through the efforts of the obedient. Even today there are many missionaries with CITA still preaching about Jesus.

Each CITA team is autonomous and the Mexico II team is lead by Renato Gaglione and his wife, Wendy. They have 4 children and are currently working in Cuauhetemoc, Chihuahua.


Our Mission. The Mexico II team is more that just "preaching" to people. We live with our mission field. We love the people of Mexico that God has placed before us to tell them His plan for them. Whatever tool God places before us we use for His glory.

Tent Meetings
We hold tent meetings each night for the community. We will often show the Jesus film with a video projector and many folks will come to see it.

Street Evangelism
The Mexico II team uses every means to meet and talk with people about the Lord. Most folks in Mexico are willing to talk and to listen. They are a gracious and friendly people.

Working with Local Churches
Many communities we visit have few Christians. Yes, they may have heard about Jesus but they are not challenged to know Him and don't even realize the depth of His love for us. Local evangelical churches are a blessing to us and we are an encouragement to them as well.

Radio Ministry
Wendy & Renato are on the air for 1 hour each week. The program started as a one-time interview but has grown into a weekly show in which Wendy & Renato can preach or talk about the Bible and God's plan of salvation for all men through Jesus Christ.

Prison Ministry
Renato has made a regular routine of visiting people in the prison here. Even the guards are watching what the "Christians" do and have asked us to pray with them.

Nursing Home Ministry
Wendy has also felt the need to encourage the older folks in Mexico by visiting, talking, singing, and encouraging these wonderful people. This work is starting and we will continue to do what God places in our hands to do.


Key Benefits for those who pray for us and help us
You have a part in the harvest.
You set a standard of obedience for people around you.
You set an example for your family and friends.
You share in the blessings of being a missionary at heart.

Christians need to be involved in spreading the Gospel. If you don't help to preach the truth then the false religions, beliefs, ideology, and gods of this age will be what you leave for your children and grandchildren.


Our Team of Ministry Workers. None of us are paid. All money that goes to the Mexico II team is used for food, fuel, repairs, and supplies for us to evangelize and preach the Good News of Jesus Christ. We are happy to be able honor the Lord with our service in this way. This means that for every dollar the Lord provides is used for the Lord's purpose. We have no salaries, no offices, and no administrative costs.