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The tent and camp is in the department of Santa Barbara in Honduras


Pje el Rosedal 10
Calle el Progreso
San Salvador El Salvador
Central America

EMAIL ADDRESSES: pedrolaila@hotmail.com (english, spanish or italian)
citahonduras@hotmail.com, celrhonduras@yahoo.es(Only spanish)

The emphasis of the message of the CITA missions is discipleship and a deeper walk
with Christ. Someone said that the Gospel in Latin America is large like an ocean,
however it is only one inch deep. Therefore the challenge is not so much in trying to
draw a crowd, but rather in making the converts into Saints, Soldiers and Saviors.

We have seen that the actual results of how many real converts there are, is in direct
proportion to how much personal attention we are able to give to the New Converts,
therefore it depends on the number of active members.


The work started in 1987 in El Salvador, with a small team of about 10 people. After one
year, the Lord provided us with the first big tent, and since then, the team has kept on a
continual pace of evangelism, which amounts to about 8 crusades a year, counting with
a membership of 25 to up to 60 people.

The year 1992 we were able to send team to Nicaragua with Randy and Rosalie Johnson
as leaders. However as the Johnson's had to return to the States, Steve and Antonietta
Cook led the team. The last 6 years Guido and Bety Agazzi headed this team and kept
the work going.

Miguel and Patty Gomez are nationals who both got saved in the first crusade with the big
tent, in February 1988. They led the Salvadorian team for almost 10 years 1996-2006,
while we (Pedro and Laila) were in Russia.

The year 2000, we were able to send out a team to Honduras, this time pioneered by
Sergio and Alba Cabrera, who are both Salvadorian nationals. This team kept on for 5
years and it was obvious that the tent has an impact in Honduras, similar to how it was
during the first 10 years in El Salvador.

We have noticed a big change in El Salvador during the last 5 years, as the churches
are bigger and more organized, the tent evangelism is not so effective any more and
we get smaller crowds. This is the main reason why this year, 2007, we decided to make
some radical changes and to join forces, and all three teams work together in Honduras.

Now our co-leaders are Guido Agazzi, Sergio Cabrera and Carlos Marquez.


The size of the tents that we use in Central America are around 20 x 30 meters.
The singles live in smaller tents of 10 x 5 meters or 5 x 5 meters and married couples
live in campers or buses. The last years though, we are promoting the idea to live in tents
even for the married couples, because the cost of used buses is too high
to purchase and maintenance.

We have the big tent up all year and approximate 300 nights a year. We also hold meetings
without the big tent, in the squares or sometimes, when invited, in schools or prisons.

The team counts with its own preachers, music and drama team. Of course we
are open to collaboration and often invite local Pastors to preach, or local Christian
bands to participate. The crowds vary from 50 to 500, since the reception can be very
different from one place to another.


The best way of contacting us is by email. We read and answer all letters personally. If you want to call us these are our phone numbers.
El Salvador 011-503-70817135 and in Honduras 011-504-33053168.


The most real need is for workers. If you would like to come and stay for a period of time
with the team, and preach the Gospel together with us, that would be an answer to prayer.
However we would recommend a minimum of 2 years, in order for you to see real fruit from
your efforts. The only thing we request is that you are sure that it is the will of God.

We can also use anything that has to do with camp life, however, being that Central America is
so far away from the States, it takes a lot of effort and money in trying to bring things down
here. We have also opted for having the big tents made here.

Therefore we are depending a lot on financial support from abroad, as the population here is
not able to sustain the team.

To send us an offering, a check can be sent directly to the Bank and payable to:
Christ is the Answer

On the back of the check write:
 For Deposit Only
0000 155 011 533 78

Send by mail to:
KY1 – 0900
PO Box 36520
LOUISVILLE KY 40233 – 6520

The check is tax-deductible and you can use the same check as a receipt.
But in case you need a receipt, we will be happy to send it to you.

Thank you, Pedro & Laila Viaud