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The name of our mission is TABITA-DORCA in the city of Balti, Moldova.


The best way to reach us is via email. Click here to send EMAIL.


We rent in the city of Balti a 150 square meters place where we feed the needy people threee times a week. We give them a good hot meal everytime with soup and fresh bread, butter or sausage, together with some cookies and a cup of tea, afterwards we preach to them the good news of Jesus-Christ. It is a wonderful opportunity to reach people and we have an average of 40 people everytime, sometimes less, sometimes more. Of course there is much work in order to organise and prepare everything but the Lord is faithful and provides always for workers in order to help us.

We work in collaboration with the Chuch "New Life" who holds the Sunday services in the same place. In fact we sublet the place to the Church, this provides also some financial help and is very efficient for the follow up of the people.

We conduct street evangelism with a special truck and we found it very practical and efficient because it is much easier to set it at the center ot cities and villages.


We have created a PDF with photos taken around and about the country of Moldova.
REVIEW PDF-PHOTOS. This PDF Document opens in a new window.


We ask you to pray especially for the youth of Moldova. During the ten past years 10.000 young girls disappeared from the country, it means much in such a little nation of about 3 and half millions inhabitants.

Unfortunately many of them got trapped by the devil and are now victims of a prostitution ring in Europe or Turkey.

We have a very good tool, a DVD shooted partly in Moldova which speaks clearly about this specific problem of prostitution. It is produced by Philippe Decourroux, a christian singer from Switzerland, and this dear brother gave us one hundred DVD that we want to distribute in Moldova and Ukraine.

Please pray for this project, we want to do special meetings in our place and in the orphanages. The film speaks also about the problem of pornography, so we believe that through it we can reach the young people in an effective way.