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Philippine Frontline Ministries

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PO Box 37
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4000, Philippines

Frontline Ministry Center
Brgy Sto Nino

San Pablo City

Jeff Pessina

Jeff Pessina is the founder and director of the Philippine Frontline Ministries. Through PFM both Jeff and Rowena Pessina spread the gospel and provide support and leadership over the many programs of PFM.

The Philippine Frontline Ministries PFM has been serving the Filipino people and nation for nearly 30 years. From the humble beginnings of just few young people, armed with little more than vision, faith, and strong determination, Frontline has successfully reached millions of people with the Gospel, seeing hundreds of thousands commit their lives to Jesus Christ.

The Frontline is highly-motivated evangelistic ministry, built upon a commitment to the command of Jesus to "go" out and preach the Gospel to the lost. With a mobile camp of tents and trailers, and a team of as many as 75 full time ministry workers, Frontline has traveled to hundreds of cities and towns throughout the Philippines conducting street evangelism, and large gospel tent meetings, augmented by a host of other forms of evangelism targeting all ages of people.


The Philippine Frontline Ministries (PFM) was founded and registered in the Philippines in 1987 by Jeff and Rowena Pessina, who continue to serve and lead the organization today.

The roots of the ministry go back to the late 1970''''s, when two attempts were made by a ministry called Christ is the Answer Crusades (CITA) to establish a permanent work in this island nation of, at that time, over 60 million people. For a number of reasons, both of these attempts failed.

In 1980 Jeff Pessina was invited by Allan Ols (the only remaining CITA missionary in the Philippines then) to come and assist him in what would become the third attempt to establish a work in the nation. In the years that followed a mission work was established with relative success. A small team developed, and many big tent outreaches were conducted successfully in various towns and cities on the northern island of Luzon. However, in 1985, due again to numerous difficulties (financial, practical, and spiritual), the main leader returned to the USA, and it appeared that another end was imminent. The team of about 25 people were poorly equipped, under financed, and facing unlikely odds of successfully carrying on.

Yet the call of God to reach and impact the nation was real, and was not to be given up. Though facing many yet to be known trials and struggles in the days to come, Jeff assumed the leadership and lead the team onward into what eventually became a stable, effective, and established ministry. In 1987 PFM was registered as a non-stock, non-profit mission organization that would go on to reach millions of Filipinos with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Throughout these past 30 years years, Frontline has lived on the road year-round in a mobile camp of tents and trailers. Travelling to hundreds of cities with a full time ministry team of as many as 75 people, over twenty trailers, and dozens of tents, PFM has conducted thousands of evangelistic outreaches, focusing primarily on large gospel tent meetings.

In recent years PFM has established a permanent ministry base in San Pablo City, Laguna (90 minutes south of Manila), to serve as a center for training and ministry development with a continued emphasis on discipleship, leadership development, and teamwork, all relative to evangelism. This new center has opened up other exciting opportunities, such as a fast growing church with a large youth ministry, a K-12 school now serving 100 students, jail and hospital outreach, and a ministry to street children called FACE the Children.


PFM has transitioned into a multi faceted, center-based ministry, commited to evangelism and national transformation through an increased number of approaches. Our vision is to build a network of reproducing churches and multi-faceted minsitry centers where leadership, teamwork, and talents development are high priority concerns. At our first center, based in San Pablo City, Laguna (80 miles south of Manila), we now have a growing church of nearly 800 people, a growing K-12 Christian school, a Children''''s Ministry reaching and changing the lives of abandoned or abused children, a mission training center, and business initiatives aimed at supporting ministry expansion nationwide.


PFM is also registered in the USA as a 501(c)3 tax exempt mission organization. Any and all financial support is welcome.