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Evangelist Tent Ministries and Missions of Christ Is The Answer preaching the gospel in the world today!

All Christ is the Answer Mission and Ministries are independently owned and operated.
Each mission and ministry is responsible for their own spiritual authority and finances.

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Christ is the Answer International Ministries and associated evangelistic missions
are spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in different parts of the world today.

Most of the teams live in a mobile camps sharing the daily workload responsibilities. Most of Christ is the Answer tent teams has been traveling the world for 30+ years, continually moving from city to city, towns and villages, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Salvation. We hold nightly meetings under the tents.

Small evangelistic teams are sent out each day to hold open-air meetings, with singing, testifying, preaching and street drama and also periodically going into hospitals, nursing homes, and prisons. Ministering in the open air meetings, street drama, children's meetings, women's meetings, and visiting the sick in the hospitals.

There are also many things to do in a camp, from practical work to teaching school. There is something for everybody. New ministries are also developed as additional brethren come into the work and bring their talents and abilities.

We have a daily Bible study and a time for personal study and/or relaxation. Serving one another is truly a blessed life.

The other associated evangelistic ministries live out of homes and travel to any geographical area within their range.

We invite you to participate with whatever abilities you have. You are welcome to come visit and see the work for yourself and participate. We are always praying for full-time laborers. GOD IS HIRING! We pray to see you on the mission field soon!

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